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ZRF Organize Office Staff To Experience Production Line Assembly Mar 18, 2021

    In order to let the staff of the trade department have a deeper understanding of the printing products,our factory set aside a production line for us,and arranged our staff of the trade department to experience the assembly process of the production line.

    First of all,our department manager will first assigned the personnel,one person one process,and then formally go online to get familiar with the process,each of them will be responsible for the process to try to assemble.When we started to launch,we were not familiar with the assembly CD disc folding box,so we were slow and fast in some process.When we get to the back,we are familiar with the CD digipack folding cover,and the speed will be faster.Finally,it took nearly 6 hours to assemble 1000 sets of printed CD DVD disc folding,plastic seal and packing.

    Through this production line assembly line assembly CD disc folding,we found that understanding the product is not only to look at the surface,but also to practice,to understand more thoroughly.

CD DVD Sleeves Assembly

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