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ZRF nearest packaging printing knowledge training July 28, 2020

In order to improve our printing packaging professional knowledge and ability,our company XIAMEN ZRF MEDIA TURNKEY CO.,LTD.will carry out regular training.

Yesterday,our company held the first staff training meeting in the conference room in 2020.During the training,several shareholders of our company took turns to explain printing and packaging professional knowledge for us.Through the physical paper bags,boutique paper boxes and other relevant printed packaging products knowledge presentation.

During the training period,everyone actively participated in the training,put forward the points that they did not understand or were not very clear,and then answered them one by one.
Through this training,we have improved our professional knowledge and deepened our understanding of the printing and packaging industry,laying a foundation for our company to bring better service to customers.Our company is very welcome to make inquiry and consultation for us.

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