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What is paper bag printing June 28, 2020

Paper bag printing usually can be divided into Three categories.They are monochrome machine paper bag printing,two-color machine paper bag printing or four-color machine paper bag printing.

Monochrome paper bag printing is the entire layout only one color,can only print 1 color at a time,not two colors.

Two-color paper bag printing that is only two colors of printing.Two colors,either spot or printed in four primary colors (C,M,Y,K).Two-color printing, not necessarily with a two-color machine printing, can be printed with a monochrome machine, monochrome printing needs to be printed twice.

Four-color paper bag printing is the use of red,green,blue three primary color and black color material (ink or dye) according to the principle of color reduction mixing to achieve full-color reproduction of the lithograph method.

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