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Custom Printed Paper Facial Cleanser Cosmetic Packaging Box With Window

Cosmetic paper box with window is a good display packaging,which can make people clearly see the product and attract customers' attention.
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Cardboard Paper Gift Boxes With Clear Window

Face Cleansing Cosmetics Paper Packaging Box Description

    Printed facial cleanser packaging box is made by white cardboard paper,with clear pvc window,with blister holder.The box with windows is a good way to sell products,which can not only attract customers' attention,but also display the characteristics of products and promote customers' desire to buy.

Window Gift Boxes Wholesale

What About The Paper Box With Window?

    There are three forms of paper box with window: partial windowing,transparent lid and multi-faceted transparency.Generally,it is used in combination with transparent plastic sheet,and the window part shows the goods,which is convenient for consumers to choose.

    This form of carton is often used in toys,food, promotional products and other products.The feature of this structure is that it can make consumers know the product at a glance and increase the credibility of the product.Generally,the window part is supplemented with transparent materials,through which consumers can roughly understand the situation of the product.At the same time,it can produce a certain degree of attraction to the product.

    Of course,our company can also customize the box packaging of socket type,drawer type,portable type and so on.

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