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XIAMEN ZRF MEDIA TURNKEY CO.,LTD. has 15 years of packaging and printing experience.We provide customers with customized packaging and printing services.
  • Paper Bags
    Paper Bags
    Paper bags can be divided into kraft paper bag,art paper bag,cardboard paper bag or special paper bag,etc.It is applied in various places,all of which are accept customized.
  • Paper Boxes
    Paper Boxes
    Paper boxes can be customized into cosmetic boxes,chocolate food boxes,apparel packaging boxes,folding gift boxes and this series of boutique gift boxes.
  • Stickers
    Stickers including waterproof labels,self adhesive stickers,vinyl stickers,warning label stickers,etc.Which all stickers can be customized.
  • Non Woven Bags
    Non Woven Bags
    Non woven bags are a durable and recycled shopping bags.Non-woven bags can be divided to PP non woven bags,printed non woven bags and also accept customized.
  • Printing Service
    Printing Service
    Printing service including notebook printing,book printing,booklet printing,catalog printing,display paper stand printing and so on printing service.
  • CD/DVD Replication
    CD/DVD Replication
    CD DVD replication provide CD or DVD recording service.Including burning of audio and video,also including cover sleeves printing service.
Years OfExperiences

XIAMEN ZRF MEDIA TURNKEY CO., LTD. and it’s subordinate factory KAIYI (XIAMEN) PACKAGING CO.,LTD.are manufacturers who concentrate on eco-friendly holistic package.Our main products include gift paper bags,shopping paper bags,gift paper boxes,folding gift paper boxes,paper label stickers,notebooks printing service,etc.

Our company was established in April of 2005 in Xiamen,where is a beautiful garden city in China.We have owned a factory with about 5000 square meters,Which in Tongan,Xiamen,with about 125 employee.including 60 line workers,40 office staff,10 R&D personnel and 15 salesman.60% of workers have been working in our company for more than 10 years.

Due to our high quality products and outstanding customer service,we have gained a global sales network reaching Europe,America and so on country.what we offer to customers are not only high quality products but also trustworthy services.

We have introduced advanced printing machines like German-made Heidelberg high speed folio 5 colors offset printing machine and German-made Roland standard-sized 5 colors offset printing machine.We have also introduced automatic production machines like full-automatic box cover gluing machine and full-automatic box gluing machine.

We provide our customers the one stop and most suitable packaging solutions which include materials choice,supplier choice,graphics design,box structure design,samples making,logistics and delivery.

We have a young, professional and diligent business and design team to provide professional holistic package solution for our customers.“Honesty, Innovation and high-efficiency”is our company’s operation philosophy.“Quality first, Service first”is our company’s operation principle.We have an entire and scientific management system to fulfill the orders in high quality on time.

We will be your best choice.

The 29th International Stationery & Office Products Fair 2018 Tokyo The 29th International Stationery & Office Products Fair 2018 Tokyo
Autumn Fair 2018 Berminghan Autumn Fair 2018 Berminghan
Paperworld Frankfurt 2019 Paperworld Frankfurt 2019
Hong Kong International Printing&Packaging Fair 2019 Hong Kong International Printing&Packaging Fair 2019
The 30th International Stationery & Office Products Fair 2019 The 30th International Stationery & Office Products Fair 2019
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We do customized products for customer,including paper bags,paper boxes,label stickers,non-woven bags and other packaging and printing services.
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Introduce some information about our company.For example,production process,factory building,working environment of employees,sample room,etc.
Our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters.Our factory is located in Xiamen,a beautiful garden city in China.We focus on developing and producing paper gift bags,paper gift boxes,stickers etc.,which can be customized.
Factory Team
Factory Team
Our factory has about 30 office workers.They work together in an orderly and efficient manner to deal with printing work.
Manual paste box production line.Our staff are skilled in the manual operation of paste exquisite boxes.
Skilled workers processing molding production line.Our employees are working on folding and Forming paper bags.
Product Inspection
Product Inspection
The quality inspection personnel carry out the finished product for full inspection.Making sure there are no defective products.
In order to protect the products from damage during packing and transportation.After quality inspection,Our staff put OPP bags on each paper bag for protect.
The finished products are packed and stored in the warehouse.Avoiding damage to products and facilitate product delivery arrangement.
Sample Room
Sample Room
Sample and product exhibition room.Show what our company has done for reference to guests.
latest news
Provide the latest news of our company.For example,company activities,product promotion discount notice,new product launch notice,company exhibition information display,etc.
  • How is the paper bag photo taken?
    We can usually search out a lot of exquisite paper bag products pictures on the Internet,so how are these exquisite three-dimensional paper bag products pictures taken? Today,our company organized staff to visit and learn about the shooting process of paper bag products. First of all,we went into the sample room and visited all kinds of paper bags we had made,such as kraft paper bags,printing shopping paper bags,recycled paper bags and so on. Secondly,we went into the bag making studio and watched how the photographer photographed the paper bag products.By adjusting the light, the photographer photographed the front of the paper bag and some prominent small details. Through this organization,we not only have a further understanding of paper bag products,but also have a certain understanding of the skills of shooting products.
    Sept 23, 2020 View More
  • ZRF nearest packaging printing knowledge training
    In order to improve our printing packaging professional knowledge and ability,our company XIAMEN ZRF MEDIA TURNKEY CO.,LTD.will carry out regular training. Yesterday,our company held the first staff training meeting in the conference room in 2020.During the training,several shareholders of our company took turns to explain printing and packaging professional knowledge for us.Through the physical paper bags,boutique paper boxes and other relevant printed packaging products knowledge presentation. During the training period,everyone actively participated in the training,put forward the points that they did not understand or were not very clear,and then answered them one by one. Through this training,we have improved our professional knowledge and deepened our understanding of the printing and packaging industry,laying a foundation for our company to bring better service to customers.Our company is very welcome to make inquiry and consultation for us.
    July 28, 2020 View More
  • What is paper bag printing
    Paper bag printing usually can be divided into Three categories.They are monochrome machine paper bag printing,two-color machine paper bag printing or four-color machine paper bag printing. Monochrome paper bag printing is the entire layout only one color,can only print 1 color at a time,not two colors. Two-color paper bag printing that is only two colors of printing.Two colors,either spot or printed in four primary colors (C,M,Y,K).Two-color printing, not necessarily with a two-color machine printing, can be printed with a monochrome machine, monochrome printing needs to be printed twice. Four-color paper bag printing is the use of red,green,blue three primary color and black color material (ink or dye) according to the principle of color reduction mixing to achieve full-color reproduction of the lithograph method. Our company provides paper bag customization services, we will recommend for you the most optimized paper bag printing method.
    June 28, 2020 View More
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